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About Mollyhopp

In March 2016, I signed up for a 5K race. I had not run since before a back surgery in 2010, and spent the last few years miserably failing at keeping a healthy work-life balance. One successful pregnancy, two international moves, and too many months of working 70-hour-weeks had taken their toll on my fitness, and my weight was higher than ever before. 

Returning to an active lifestyle felt wonderful. The hardest part was finding something to wear. I live in Singapore, where the general population is much smaller than I am, and few stores carry larger sizes. I travelled to Europe and USA, and realised that there too, my active wear choices were very limited, and mostly available in black. 

I wanted bright and colourful, I wanted fantastic quality. I did not want to be limited to second tier options. And so, Mollyhopp was born. 

Our gear is designed by us, here in Singapore, and exclusively manufactured in factories that meet our high demands. I have personally visited all our manufacturers and can vouch both for the excellent working conditions and superior quality of the productions. 

Mollyhopp is clothes that we want to wear, and accessories we want to use. If we're even slightly hesitant about a product, it won't reach the store.

I'm madly in love with all our products, and hope you will be too!


xoxo Linn
Founder of Mollyhopp