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Weekend Inspiration

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Inspiration comes in many forms; this weekend it comes in collecting race packs for the Performance Series, modifying the race shirt into a comfortable singlet, and heading out for an afternoon run in the rain. 

Signing up for the Performance Series – five 2.5K, 5K and 10K events with the hashtag #transcendyourself- is one of the reasons we are here. When I decided to do the 5K races, I had not run since before my back surgery in 2010, and spent the last few years miserably failing at keeping a healthy work-life balance. A pregnancy, two international moves, and months straight of working 70-hour-weeks had taken their toll on my fitness as well, and my weight was higher than ever before. 

In March, an email about The Performance Series piqued my interest. The first race was still two months away – perfect time to start training. I signed up immediately and hit the treadmill the next day. Sporting a pair of decade old yoga pants, I suffered through week 1 day 1 of a couch to runner program. It was ugly. And painful. I hated every second of it, but loved the feeling afterwards. 

Today I still hate the first ten minutes of any run, until I find the rhythm, and the pavements starts flowing comfortably beneath my feet. From then on it is bliss. 

For the first time in my life I am not working out to lose weight. My goals are to get fit. To run faster, longer, become stronger, more flexible, feel great and confident in what my body is and can do. 

For the first time this also means I’m confident about succeeding. I mean, I’ve tried losing weight before, which overweight woman hasn’t? In fact, if you’ve heard about a diet, method, medication, supplement, or lifestyle change, I’ve probably tried it; and obviously failed. 

Fitness however, is a much kinder goal to chase. I’m still far from where I want to be, but every week I’m a leap closer. Which brings me back to Mollyhopp. There is no size limit for when we can start our fitness journey. A walk around the block, run in the park, yoga session, or dance class is always better than sitting still. And anybody who decides to make that effort deserves to look cute and feel comfortable while doing so, wouldn’t you agree? 

xoxo Linn
Founder of Mollyhopp

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