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The Warrior II

I think my favourite person in the world right now is the DHL driver who delivers in our area. This afternoon he brought a huge box, tightly taped and wrapped in a sleeve of yellow and red plastic. I swear, it feels Christmas every time he rings the doorbell. Today he brought our yoga socks; the first actual batch of merchandise that’s not a sample or a prototype! I felt like popping open a bottle of champagne to celebrate, but instead booked the first available class at my yoga studio, and skipped dinner with the family to give them a test run.


Making gear for curvy chicks, socks have been our biggest challenge so far. It’s so important that they don’t cut off any circulation, but still stay in place and fit well. Wearing the wrong sock is even worse than not wearing any socks at all.

To match our first collection of yoga pants, the socks come in hot pink and black. I grabbed a pink pair, and set off.


I joined a Hatha class where we focused on the Warrior II pose.  Nah, I didn’t get any pictures in class (was busy bending and stretching lah), but this is what we were striving to perfect:


This is the confession part of today’s post: If you weigh as much as I do, you have to fight quite a bit of gravity in yoga poses where your legs are spread far apart. Especially if your hip joints think they’re more flexible than they really are. I’d normally spend equal amounts of energy trying to hold the pose, and trying to prevent myself from going into a split.

Guess what: Today I could give 100% on perfecting the pose! The gripping socks made all the difference. I didn’t slip at all, and the naked toes let me spread out for balance. I’m so very excited to be adding these socks to I LOVE them, and hope you will too.





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