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Starting a business is a lot like having a baby. It can take more or less assistance to get started, there is lots of planning and dreaming involved. Sometimes everything feels meant to be, at other times it’s terrifying and you ask yourself what you have gotten into. 

With that analogy, Mollyhopp’s in the pregnancy phase now. Names have been chosen, the nursery is prepared. Now what we do is wait. Wait and watch, wait and monitor. 

And fortunately we get the occasional ‘ultrasound’ picture sent to us from the factory. They’re taken for monitoring purposes, to let us double and triple check details before mass production starts. Like ultrasound technicians we zoom in, measure, and focus on every curve and fade. When we’re done tearing it apart, we switch into parent mode, print the pictures and proudly stick them on our fridge. 

We’re getting closer to delivery. And as you know, that’s when the real fun starts!

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