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International Shipping!

At Mollyhopp, we are so pleased to announce that we will be offering shipping to Singapore, USA, Australia, Russia, United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong from launch day! More countries will be added to this list, stay tuned here, or follow us on instagram to find out when we start shipping to your location.

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Now that we are nearing launch, our focus has shifted from the creative process,to the practical aspects of running a business. Shipping and handling has given us a bit of a headache lately, especially the handling of customs and taxes part, and figuring out how to offer a transparent process to our customers. Fortunately, we met with some brilliant minds from today, and their platform is better than aspirin. It’s exactly what we need to solve our logistics needs right now, and we can’t wait to start sending beautiful parcels across the globe.

What sets our starting field apart from e.g. Brazil, the U.K. or Thailand? It’s the customs and import tax procedures. Our starter destinations offer generous thresholds that enable our clients to direct import goods (which it technically is if you’re buying from overseas) without added paperwork and customs payments that make things pricier and slow shipping down.

Once we have rolled out, we’ll open up for some countries that have higher customs and taxes too, and within 2 years we plan to have a warehouse in Europe, so that EU beauties can enjoy working out in mollyhopp outfits without paying the €+++ frill.

If your country is not on our list, but you desperately want to buy one of our luscious bamboo or technical textile outfits, just get in touch and we’ll do our best to help you out.

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