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Body positive workout clothes for women

by Elly McGuinness 

workout clothes for women

Bright, funky workout clothes for women are more popular than ever. Many women are looking for something other than black when it comes to choosing their running clothes and yoga clothes. Mollyhopp is one of the up and coming active wear brands that offers just what women are looking for with their selection of yoga tops, yoga pants and running clothing.

Founded and designed by Singapore based active wear enthusiast Linn Klewinghaus, these workout clothes for women are created with a ‘body positive’ philosophy in mind. I’m lucky enough to have my own set of Mollyhopp yoga leggings, yoga socks  and one of their gorgeous bamboo tops. Today I’m going to share my thoughts about this brand of workout clothes for women and why I think they’re a great choice.

Workout clothes for women, designed with women in mind!

workout clothes for women. Yoga outfit

When I asked Linn what made her start the Mollyhopp brand of workout clothes for women, she said it was first born out of her own needs. She struggled to find active wear that fitted and looked the way she wanted it to. For example, one of the features of both her yoga leggings and running capris is that they have a longer than usual ‘rise’. This is the distance from the crotch to the top of the waistband. So when you’re wearing Mollyhopp leggings you don’t need to worry about your butt crack sticking out. Your stomach is also tucked in nicely under the fabric.

Not many yoga clothing brands or active wear brands offer plus size active wear. And if they do, it’s often in plain old black. This is a distinguishing feature of the Mollyhopp clothing range. They offer not only plus size yoga clothing and running clothing, but active wear for ALL sizes. It’s important to Linn to offer a full range of sizes because she wants the brand to be inclusive and non-discriminatory.

The Mollyhopp range of workout clothes for women is bright, bold and colorful. It’s about being body positive and loving your body as it is right now. It’s about saying “I’m proud of my body and I’m not going to wait until I get to some unattainable size that society seems to expect of me”. By embracing the Mollyhopp philosophy you’re choosing not to hide behind black all the time. Linn said that she always used to wear black to the office and she wanted to create a range that was different to this standard choice. Thus, Mollyhopp was born – workout clothes for women that ooze personality and flair.

Ethics and Sustainability

It’s important to me to support active wear brands that I feel are doing their bit in terms of ethics and sustainability. I’m happy to support Mollyhopp because I feel that they are making efforts in both of these areas.

On Ethics

The Mollyhopp range are designed in Singapore, by Linn herself, and they are made in China. In the past there has often been a stigma associate with products made in China. Some people associate China with ‘slave labor’ or ‘poor working conditions’. It’s time for that to change and for brands to be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Brands who are looking for cheap labor are now going outside of China. In general, China is too expensive for them. Linn has personally visited the factory where her clothing is made. She explained to me that the working conditions are great and that it’s a place that she herself would be happy to work. The workers get a full hour for lunch and knock off at 4:30pm. This is a far cry from what most of us would determine to be ‘slave labor’.

Active wear brands and environmental sustainability

workout clothes for womenActive wear brands have been put in the limelight recently, due to the fact that most of them make clothing that is produced from synthetic fibers. Clothing made from synthetic fibers has been highlighted as an ecological nightmare. This is because micro-plastics from synthetic clothing are making their way from washing machines into waterways, and it’s having devastating effects on our oceans.

However, deciding on whether natural or synthetic clothing is more sustainable, is not a simple choice. The production of both natural and synthetic clothing has a significant impact on the environment. Conventional cotton for example (a ‘natural’ fiber) requires huge amounts of water and pesticides. It can easily be argued that natural and synthetic fibers are on par with each other in terms of ecological impact.

In recent years I have always made an effort to select natural fibers over synthetic. Some of the reasons behind my choice include that they feel nice against my skin, they’re not made from plastic or oil, and they break down naturally in landfill. However, these choices become more complicated when you consider more than just the material itself. The chemical processes required to produce natural clothing can be significant. In places like Singapore the landfill reason doesn’t necessarily apply because a significant percentage of rubbish is burned.

Mollyhopp clothing fibers

Mollyhopp offers workout clothes for women that is made from either natural, or synthetic fibers, so you can take your pick. They’ve got gorgeous bamboo tops (a natural fiber) in a range of colors. Linn is currently looking at producing clothing made from eucalyptus (another natural fiber). She’s not yet convinced whether these natural fibers are better for the environment because they go through a lot of chemical processes to be produced.

The Mollyhopp running clothing range is made from synthetic fiber, as are their yoga pants. Although I will continue to choose natural fibers when I can, I’ll mainly aim to choose a limited number of well thought out pieces for my minimalist wardrobe. I aim to choose quality items that are versatile and will last a long time. I also enjoy supporting individuals and small businesses. So far, the Mollyhopp range fits my requirements.

My yoga outfit from Mollyhopp

workout clothes for womenAll three of the items that I own from Mollyhopp fit into the yoga clothes category. I have one of their pink bamboo tops, which I absolutely love. It feels great against my skin and it’s a really versatile piece to have in my wardrobe. It looks great with a pair of jeans or denim shorts, and I’ve even worn it out on a date! The other day I popped a cardigan over the top and it was certainly more than passable for office wear.

I chose the Might Molly’s yoga leggings, which I love. These are very different to something I would normally choose. All the active wear I’ve ever owned has been in block colors. The only yoga leggings I’ve ever had have been black. So initially I wasn’t drawn to these, but I really loved them once I tried them on! Sometimes you just need to pick something up that’s different to your usual wardrobe. You might be pleasantly surprised once you try it on.

Finally I’ve got a pair of pink yoga grip socks, that also double as yoga ‘toe socks’. I’ve got kind of funny looking feet, but I’ve been told that these socks are quite ‘funny-cute’. The main reason you’d purchase yoga socks is to help your feet grip your mat better. If you can get past the fiddly part of getting your toes into the socks, you’ll be sorted!

Find out more about Mollyhopp workout clothes for women

Mollyhopp body positive clothing is reasonably priced. Prices are in USD. Currently, running capri pants are $64 and yoga leggings are $80. Running tops are $35 and bamboo tops are $40. Visit the Mollyhopp website for latest prices and to find out more.

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Elly McGuinness is a holistic health practitioner, online fitness coach, and author of the book "Burning Fat for Good." Click here to get more inspiration, tips, and training advice from Elly.  

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