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Body Positive Active Wear

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What is Body Positive? Is Mollyhopp a Plus Size brand?

Mollyhopp was born from my own need of cute, high quality, running and yoga clothes in sizes beyond Nike’s and Lululemon’s ranges. It was as simple as that. To me, that journey started by googling “plus size running pants,” so naturally I thought that was what we were.

Almost a year later, we have launched our first line (of AMAZING clothes and accessories), and we notice that the word plus size doesn’t really fit. For starters, our first collection start with US size 8; the average American woman is a size 16.

So we asked ourselves: should we be an “average clothes brand” instead of a “plus size” active wear brand? But that didn’t taste right either.

There is nothing average about getting up early to go for a run, about exerting yourself to be the best you can be, about fighting to get fitter and stronger. If anything, our athletes are extraordinary!

So, like goldilocks, we fell upon a term that fits us just right. Body Positive. Love the body that you have, by treating it with nutritious food, good exercise, and luxurious, sweat wicking fabrics while you work out.

As you might see, we have chosen not to photoshop any of our images, but present you with raw footage from our photo shoots. Admittedly, having an amazing photographer does wonders for presentation, but you will see bulges bumps that you might not be used to in fashion ads.

This is our way of saying that we encourage you on your fitness journey, from your first steps, and as you get stronger, fitter and faster.

Have a beautiful, active week ahead.




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