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Angels - Untangling the Red Tape

behind the curtains bureaucracy happiness hurdles our story stars

This morning’s frustrations turned into a long day in front of the computer. For a while I was almost worried that we wouldn’t get a hold of the proper documents at all. And then, I met some angels, reps from three different factories that we are visiting. They were able to process our paperwork with lightning speed; changing and retyping letters (and getting them stamped by busy bosses) to meet all of the visa office’s demands. All the communication meant we took the step from mail to Skype, and ended up chatting and seeing the persons behind our business facades as well.

Now I’m even more eager to visit our great neighbour in the North! If you haven’t read our bio, we’re in Singapore; a couple of flight hours and countries South of Central China. That doesn’t exactly make us next door neighbours, but I’d stretch it to say we’re in the same global neighbourhood.

As much as you can have a great product, fantastic pricing, and top modern facilities, it really all comes down to the people you employ. As we grow, I’m going to try my hardest to remember that. I think it applies everywhere, and maybe today’s setback was a necessary reminder.

Angels, if you read this, you rock!

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