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First post - The Spark

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I’m in an athletics store to buy new running shoes. My pulse is a soaring 101 bpm.
After having chosen which shoes to get, a friendly sales clerk suggests I check out their lifestyle t-shirts section. There is a special offer: buy 2 items, receive 10% off your total bill. I want to scream “NO!” I’m not here for classic prints on stretchy, oversized cotton tees. I’m a runner. I want cute outfits to run in.
I’d love to try on their new sports bras, and splurge on patterned running shorts, technical tops and colourful tights.But I’m too big. Or the clothes are too small. Any way, we don’t fit, and the clerk, who was probably trying to do me a favour and help me save face ends up rubbing that fact in. I smile and nod. Pretend to check out their oversize lifestyle tees. Pay for my running shoes and leave.

It is after I exit the shop that I look down at my watch to check my pulse. It’s normally in the lower 70’s. Every extra beat is stress. I feel so inadequate, so alien, like Gulliver in Lilliput.

Looking around me in the mall I quickly realize that I am not the only Gulliver here, surely I cannot be the only one to want to live an active life either?

And that is why Mollyhopp was born.

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